About Us


  •  Michael moved with his family to Michigan from Lebanon in the mid-1970’s during the Lebanese Civil War. Nearly a million Lebanese were displaced from their homeland during the Civil War, which lasted until 1990. Many of them sought refuge in America just as the Shatila family did.  For the Shatila family, the move to America was supposed to be temporary, but the family made America their home. Michael and his brother began making baklava in Michigan, introducing this renowned Middle Eastern dessert to a community that had never had it before. After parting with the business in Michigan, Michael moved to California where he setup another business, before finally settling in Phoenix to be near his children.  Michael is very proud of his varieties of baklava; Baklava is a pastry that originated from the Ottoman Empire. It consists of layers of filo dough that are filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey. You don’t have to live near a Mr. Sweets bakery to enjoy his baklava; they can also be ordered and shipped right to your home.  Other than the imported Turkish candies, everything sold at Mr. Sweet’s is homemade from scratch ingredients, including the Lebanese ice cream. 

Our Mission



  •  Our company mission at Mr. Sweet’s Pastries is to delight our customers with unique recipes that include only the highest quality, hand-picked ingredients. We are committed in delivering only  the sweetest, most mouthwatering Mediterranean Pastries available. 

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